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Marketplace AI & Automation Webinar

Webinar: Marketplace monetization strategies

Quora user explains monetization as a strategy to generate income from your website on the Internet.

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This definition might be simplified, yet it is true for online marketplaces. But with many well-known and commonly used marketplace monetization strategies to consider, finding the right strategy for your marketplace can be a challenge.

In this webinar, we’ve invited a panel of three industry experts, all with extensive experience in online marketplaces and monetization strategies. Together they will help us understand marketplace monetization, what currently works, what doesn’t work, and how to successfully integrate a new strategy.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

Written by

Anton Koval

Founder of Braincode

Anton Koval is a founder of Braincode an agency that works with founders and companies to help them build their own online marketplaces. Previously Anton bootstrapped his own marketplace in HR- Tech area. Anton is a big advocate of the platform economy and remote work.

Jeroen Arts

Principal at Speedinvest x

Jeroen joined Speedinvest – a Pan-European early-stage Venture Capital firm headquartered in Vienna – as a Principal in 2017. Within Speedinvest, he is part of the team that leads Speedinvest x – its dedicated 50M Euro focus-fund that invests exclusively in online marketplaces and platforms. Amongst his investments are companies such as CoachHub (Germany), Packhelp (Poland) and Kodit (Finland). Jeroen is also leading the organization of The Marketplace Conference, a one-day conference happening twice a year in San Francisco and Berlin. Before joining Speedinvest, Jeroen was CEO and co-founder of VC-backed Deskbookers out of the Netherlands.

Martin Boss

Founder at MultiMerch Systems

Martin Boss is the founder of MultiMerch Systems and a fan of marketplace e-commerce. At MultiMerch, he helps companies build and grow successful online marketplace businesses.