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Webinar: Marketing for Marketplaces – How To Reach a Two-Sided Audience

Join a webinar packed with actionable insights on how to increase the reach and visibility of your marketplace by understanding your audience motivations and using the right messaging.

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Elle Tucker will share her extensive experience helping sharing and gig economy sites market their platform efficiently to a two-sided audience.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

Written by

Elle Tucker

Director at GangHut

Elle is a former broadsheet writer, advertising creative and media expert who has focused her skills on the specific marketing needs of peer-to-peer marketplaces.

She co-founded RUDE Communications in 2016, the first PR agency to focus on the sharing economy.

She is now Director and ‘Gang Leader’ of GangHut, which provides specialist marketing and growth strategies for two-sided marketplaces..

Sigrid Zeuthen

Global Marketing Manager at Besedo

Sigrid has been working with online marketplaces since 2012 and follow the industry passionately.

She is currently the Global Marketing Manager at Besedo.

Her favorite part of that job is that she gets to connect with incredibly smart people, who are as passionate about the sharing economy and digital communities as herself.