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Optimize the ROI of moderation with our all-in-one content moderation tool, implio

Get exclusive insights and guidance on how to tackle your content moderation challenges with Implio. Moderation expert and Besedo customer success manager, Alessio Coco, will take you through our AI capabilities, automated filters and manual interface in the tool.

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Moderation is a must for quality content and user safety, but it can feel like resource drain.

22% of classifieds sites spend more than 50 hours a week developing and building their own content moderation tools.

Imagine if that time was spent on building new features instead.

Implio was built to solve content moderation challenges for start-ups and at scale. It comes ready with AI, automated filters, an easy to use manual interface and insights to further improve your moderation procedures.

We want to give you a tour of Implio to show how it can free up developer resources while optimizing your content moderation process.

In this webinar, you will learn: