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Marketplace AI & Automation Webinar

Webinar: How to ensure success when migrating from one marketplace tech to another

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This is not your run of the mill discussion about tool and system migration.

Both speakers have years of experience within the online marketplace industry and will share real-life examples and challenges they’ve seen marketplace owners face when migrating from one tool to another.

If you are considering a tool migration, you should watch this webinar first to have a clear picture of which challenges you may encounter and get some actionable insights on how they can be solved.

What you will learn:

Written by

Ferencz Farkas

CTO, Russmedia Solutions

Enthusiast about software development for more than 13 years. Experience in web application architecture, cloud computing for large to enterprise applications.

CTO for more than 5 years with responsibilities in software architectural decision, development processes, bringing new technologies and increase know-how of the developers.

Always seeking new technologies and processes which brings additional value to the products.

Huge fun of cosmology, physics, and history, very proud of having three lovely dogs.

Edouard Clep

Implementation Manager, Besedo

With 8 years of experience moderating France’s largest classifieds website, Edouard is now working with ensuring our clients a smooth transition to our artificial intelligence moderation solution.

At Besedo, Edouard has climbed the ladder from working as a moderation agent to his current position as implementation manager. He has been responsible for all aspects of content moderation, so handling difficult cases of fraud, spam, harassment, and customer experience are no secrets for him.

In his current role, Edouard has successfully onboarded global customers helping them get a running start with our moderation tool, Implio, and our tailored AI solution for moderation.