Marketplace AI Webinar

Find the right thing, get the real thing – how AI helps optimize user experience on online marketplaces

Watch Besedo and Styria explore how online marketplaces can make sure to deliver best possible user experience and value by making sure users find and get what they expect.

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It is predicted that in 2020 user experience will overtake price as the key brand differentiator.

On online marketplaces a good user experience is closely tied to finding and receiving the item you came there looking for.

AI is quickly becoming the biggest enabler for increased customer experience. Want to know how?

In this webinar, you’ll learn

  • The challenges with traditional online marketplace search functions
  • How visual search helps user experience
  • How to prevent counterfeits on your website or app
  • How to optimize removal of counterfeits and other unwanted content (AI and Manual)

Written by

Marko Velic

Head of Data Science Department at Styria

Marko has Ph.D. in Data Science and more than 8 years of applying Machine Learning in business.

Marko started Styria Data Science department back in 2014 with the main goal to implement Data Science in the domains of Classifieds and Digital news publishing.