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Marketplace AI & Automation Webinar

Put your data at work: 3 steps to achieving a healthy digital marketplace

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Data is the key to smart growth for online marketplaces, sharing and gig economy platforms. But without a good strategy and structure many companies end up gathering tons of data, but without a proper plan for usage.

Together with AppJobs we’ll give real life examples of smart data collection strategies and how to apply the collected data in a way that drives growth.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

Written by

Sigrid Zeuthen

Global Marketing Manager at Besedo

Sigrid has been working with online marketplaces since 2012 and follow the industry passionately.

She is currently the Global Marketing Manager at Besedo.

Her favorite part of that job is that she gets to connect with incredibly smart people, who are as passionate about the sharing economy and digital communities as herself.

Natalia Cieslak

Director of AppJobs Institute and Head of Member Growth at AppJobs.

Natalia has been working with startups in the digital sector for the past nine years. With an educational background in Economics and Politics, Natalia has also got some political experience to her name.

Currently, Natalia has assumed the roles of Director of the AppJobs Institute and Head of Member Growth at AppJobs. Her work is based on a strong remote work culture and testing the latest innovations alongside her teams. Natalia and her team’s current endeavors include
labour market analysis; to help ensure that the Future of Work is transparent and accessible to everyone and share insights with stakeholders to assist in decision making processes.