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AI for marketplaces – how to use and profit from new technology.

Watch the insights-packed 30-minute webinar we did together with Lars Schön, Country Director Scandinavia at giosg, and learn how the right AI solution can help your online marketplace grow.

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When the right AI solutions are applied correctly, they can escalate the growth of online marketplaces through increased user experience and by lowering the barrier for conversion.

However, due to the hype around AI, it can be hard to know which solutions are available, relevant and which are truly AI powered. It can also be challenging to decide whether you should develop your own solution or rely on third party vendor solutions.

In this webinar, we are joined by Lars Schön from giosg, to help explore the world of AI for marketplaces, clear up some of the many misunderstandings surrounding AI and give you insights on the AI applications that could help propel your business.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Written by

Sigrid Zeuthen

Global Marketing Manager at Besedo

Sigrid has worked for Besedo since 2012 working various roles within operations, business development and marketing. She’s now the global marketing manager for Besedo.

Sigrid is passionate about user experience and online safety and has worked to improve both throughout her entire professional life. First at Blizzard Entertainment where she led a team that moderated in-game chat and provided customer support. Later in her varied roles at Besedo where she’s now dedicated to spreading awareness of how content moderation fuels growth.

Lars Schön

Country Director Scandinavia at giosg

As an entrepreneur and in senior positions within various Nordic organizations, Lars has over 25 years’ experience developing meetings, collaborations, and interactions within B2B.

His experience ranges from video meetings and desktop collaboration to real-time interactions with web visitors.

As Country Manager for giosg Scandinavia, he is currently responsible for establishing the giosg brand in the Scandinavian market

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