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Put your data at work: 3 steps to achieving a healthy digital marketplace

Watch Jeff Nolan, CMO of Kahuna, and Sigrid Zeuthen, Global Marketing Manager at Besedo, in a 30-minute webinar, where they discuss how to use data to grow your marketplace and to keep a pulse on the “health” of your marketplace.

Have you thought of your marketplace as a living thing with health stats? If not, you should. Marketplaces exist on a maturity model that requires the platform operator to constantly measure results and adjust tactics to deliver the desired outcomes at each stage.

Data is abundant, every business generates a lot of data and yours is no different. Collecting data, organizing it, and then interpreting it is the hard part, and you still haven’t reached the point of knowing what to do with it. This webinar will provide critical insights into what you should be tracking and how to respond when a key performance indicator moves out of a healthy zone.

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In this webinar, you’ll learn: