How online marketplaces can fix bad user search experience and convert more

Conversions are the holy grail for online marketplaces. Once you have a healthy level of conversions from your listings you can start the transition from lead generator to transactional services.  

To get to the stage of persistent conversions, however, you must ensure high quality inventory, return visitors and construct a smooth search experience.  

The latter is especially important considering that according to studies by the Nielsen Norman Group, users will abandon your site within 10 seconds if they don’t find what they are looking for.  

5 steps to improve inventory quality and increase conversion 

At Besedo we have conducted a number of studies on content quality, search experience and how it correlates to conversion.  

At the recent Global online classifieds summit in Miami AimGroup CEO Peter Zollman invited us to present our findings to a crowd of 267 online marketplace professionals.  

The end of our presentation included 5 steps that online marketplaces can take right away to improve the content quality of their site resulting in better conversion and lower churn.  

Now we want to share these actionable insights with all of our blog readers as well. You can watch the entire presentation below.  

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