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How increased their traffic during the Covid-19 crisis by supporting their users

At the end of February 2020 the Norwegian government made it clear that Covid-19 might turn into a global crisis. At that time started taking active measures to ensure their business and employees.

While initially saw a downturn in traffic as users were caught up in the uncertainty of the situation. However quick implementation of trust-building decisions like bans on face masks and disinfectant products quickly reversed the trend.

Other initiatives like creating 2 new categories; one for people wanting to help others and one for those needing help due to the Corono Pandemic cemented the loyalty of’s user base.

Creating these categories wasn’t completely without issues though as some users abused and tried take advantage of the pro bono initiative.

Watch the full interview with Geir Petter Gjefsen to learn more about how grew their traffic during the Corono Pandemic.

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