Counterfeit filter checklist: spot and remove fake products on your site.

$460 billion worth of counterfeit goods were bought and sold in 2016, this is around 2.5% of all world trade.

In 2017, we saw an increase of companies taking action towards counterfeit products, whether it’s a luxury brand settling a lawsuit with an online marketplace or it’s a marketplace protecting customers from fake products.

Here is a short list of happenings in 2017:

Last year we removed almost 1 000 000 counterfeit items for our customers. That equals 3.2% of total items we rejected.

To help you take action we’ve put together a counterfeit filter checklist. The short guide will teach you how to set up accurate filters to catch counterfeit items on your site:

counterfeit filter checklist

Download counterfeit filter checklist

Should you have any further questions about the counterfeit filter checklist or want to get in touch with a moderation consultant to support you with unique challenges on your site we are happy to help.

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