Bogota, Colombia

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About the company:

Besedo empowers online forums, marketplaces, dating apps, communities and more to grow with trust by enabling their users to engage fearlessly with one another.

Since 2002, Besedo has partnered with online businesses of all sizes across the globe, to help them create user trust, better quality content and better user experience in the digital world. In order to achieve this, Besedo uses a combination of AI moderation, automated filters and human moderation. Besedo also provides their partners with actionable insights related to both users and content, allowing them to adapt and evolve their product faster and stay competitive.
With 7 offices across the world in Sweden, France, Germany, Colombia, Malaysia, Malta, Romania and 500 employees of more than 30 different nationalities, Besedo Global Services AB is a global and multicultural company with real localization capabilities.

Besedo is now staffing up their sales team to grow their business and help more companies achieve good content quality and better user experience.