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Two-sided marketplaces continuously struggle with the chicken-and-egg dilemma. To attract sellers, you need to prove that you have visitors with an intent to buy. And to draw in buyers, you need sellers posting quality content to showcase on your digital storefront. For any marketplace to succeed, user trust and content quality is essential.

An optimized moderation process is the alpha and omega for filtering and curating user-generated content, ensuring a safe and smooth shopping experience for your users.

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Focus areas for content moderation
on online marketplaces

With computer vision, AI moderation, filters and human expertise we offer you a full suite of moderation tools to handle all user generated content challenges faced by two-sided marketplaces.


Allowing illegal items on your site is bad for several reasons. Law-abiding users will likely find it disconcerting resulting in higher user churn. Depending on local laws you as a publisher could be held liable for the content on your site leaving you open to lawsuits.

  • Weapons
  • Drugs
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Endangered Species
  • Prostitution
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Fraud and scams are the main reason for users to distrust online shopping. To encourage interaction between the users of your site, you need to ensure a safe digital environment. Scams can be very diverse and range from simple advanced fee scams to complex pyramid schemes.

  • Advanced fee frauds
  • Charity
  • Pedigree pets
  • Pyramid schemes
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Some users will attempt to circumvent your rules and policies to gain added exposure or avoid fees. To protect the integrity of your site, ensure a good user experience and protect your monetization methods you will need moderation in place to look out for potential misuse.

  • Unrealistic offers
  • Keywords
  • Commercial Links
  • Hidden Professionals
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Offensive content can turn away both sellers who don’t want their wares associated with it and buyers who find it off-putting. What qualifies as inappropriate content will vary depending on the target audience of your marketplace, but if a type of content is offensive to your core users, you should prioritize removing it.

  • Nudity
  • Profanity
  • Slander
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Irrelevant content ruins the user experience by messing up the searchability of your site, making it harder for buyers to find what they are looking for and harder for sellers to be found.

  • Poor Picture
  • Gibberish
  • Wrong Category
  • Multiple Items
  • Duplicates
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Our moderation services cover all five areas above and can be tailor-made to include more specialized needs. Together we will analyze your requirements based on your target audience, your site policies, general market insights and your budget.

From this we will propose a moderation solution specifically tailored to your marketplace. This could be manual moderation, AI moderation, filter automation or a more complex setup combining several services.

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