Moderation filters have come a long way since the simple text filters first applied to automate UGC management. With technology advances, filter complexity has increased and with that their accuracy.

In fact with the right filters in place, some marketplaces have been able to moderate as much as 80% of their content.

However, creating filters with an accuracy that allows for that level of automation, requires a lot of expertise and repeated quality checks.

In this masterclass, our head of filters Kevin Martinez will guide you through how you can create accurate filters with a concrete example focused on catching personal details in listings.

Kevin will give step-by-step instructions on how to create and setup the filter in our content moderation tool Implio, however, the advice can even be applied to creating filters in general.

In this masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • How to create and maintain accurate filters
  • Which type of filters are hardest to create
  • What it takes to create and setup a personal details filter with step by step instructions
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Kevin Martinez
Filter Manager

Kevin is a filter manager at Besedo. He combines creativity, perseverance and in-depth research to create highly accurate filters in the all-in-one moderation tool; Implio. 

His daily job is to ensure that filters are maintained, tweaked and continuously kept accurate so Besedo’s clients can enjoy a high automation rate without sacrificing user experience.

Emil Andersson
Marketing Manager

Emil joined Besedo in 2017 and has since brought his can-do spirit, hard work ethics and marketing expertise to the team.

Emil’s education and expertise lay within the marketing field, but his true passion is to contribute to great user experiences, whether it’s through online or offline interactions. Making him a great fit in the Besedo family.

Prior to his current role, Emil was working in the architecture and design industry with B2B marketing and Business Development in APAC.

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