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We opened our Stockholm office back in 2002. We have grown and expanded internationally ever since, but our head office is located here in the buzzing city center of Stockholm.

Business Development Analyst
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Stockholm is our international head office. From here we execute services such as finance, HR, business development, software development, sales and marketing.

We know that our team is the key to our success and that their growth is our growth, and there are great opportunities to develop within the organization – globally.

We are always looking for new talented players to our team!


Sweden is where Besedo started! Working in Stockholm, you have the opportunity to work in a city with thriving businesses, a vibrant musical and cultural scene, and a thrilling night life.

The city is a bustling hive of activity all year round and this also defines the people who work at Besedo.

Swedes love their coffee breaks. They even have a specific word for it: Fika

On average each Swede eats the equivalent of more than 316 cinnamon buns per year during their fika.

Swedish parents have 480 days of parental leave; that is why you see so many babies in strollers on the streets

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health care

The Swedish healthcare system is mainly government-funded. Everyone in Sweden has equal access to health care, all funded by taxes. Urgent cases are always prioritized and emergency cases are treated immediately.

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social events

The social activities in our Stockholm office are a mix of health and fun. We connect regularly with after-work events, table tennis and weekly coffee breaks – Swedes are known to drink a lot of coffee.

If you like to socialize while working out, we have a strong unit within the staff that train regularly and at least once a year we participate in some kind of running race. You don´t have to run; you can just join and be a part of the cheering section. Every year there are also Christmas and summer parties, combined with some kind of activity.

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