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Besedo Colombia opened operations in 2013 after engaging a number of key assignments.

We are currently a team of over 60 employees working within the Latin American operations. You will find, Spanish, English and Portuguese speaking employees in our office.

English Speaking (C1) Online Content Moderator
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Agente moderador de contenido en español (contrato 3 meses)
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Colombia is the only country in South America with a coastline to both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Famous for its coffee and its wide variety of natural biodiversity, which is represented in 53 protected areas and countless sites of great beauty. The Capital, Bogotá, is the second biggest city in South America and also one of the highest in the world at 2640m.


From Bogotá we are delivering the best service to our clients in LATAM, with a team full of passion, commitment and knowledge. We are located in a comfortable office environment. Situated in one of the most exclusive, safe and convenient neighborhoods in Bogotá, surrounded by parks, restaurants and malls.

Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in the world

Bogota has South America’s largest network of bicycle routes: over 300km

perks & benefits

flexible working styles

We provide the benefit of partial work from home, flexible shifts, rotating schedule, transporting, tenure recognition bonuses, when certain requirements are met. We also offer some extra days for annual leave, extended parental leave, sabbatical leave and all our staff gets an additional day off, per every year of service they have completed with us.

social events

Besedo holds different kinds of events during the year. The biggest ones being two major parties for all employees (Summer party and Christmas party). In addition, there are other social occasions celebrating a range of local and international events including Halloween, Independence day, Pre-Christmas, among other special days.

reward culture

At Besedo we reward the extra efforts of all our employees who give the extra mile with our “Hero of the month”. Also, we reward them with a quarterly level bonus.


When you start working with us, you will get discounts on hotels, spas, healthy products, coffee and tea at the office.

energy boost

We take care of your daily energy boost. In the office, you will be provided with fresh fruit, water, books, snacks. We also arrange a traditional “Swedish fika” with pastries and sweet appetizers, once per week.


Our administrative staff is entitled to a complimentary service to the mandatory health insurance that provides specialized health care and access to VIP medical attention.

annual activities

Table Tennis Tournament, Christmas presents, Costume competition, Besedo anniversaries, secret friend, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Independence day, FIFA Tournament and monthly activities out of the office.

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