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The State of Quality in the Classifieds Industry – Index #5 is Out Now!


    We are now releasing the latest Classifieds Quality Index, based on thorough research of 20 top players worldwide during the last quarter of 2015. This time we welcome three new sites: Kijiji.ca, OLX.com.ar and OLX.in of which OLX.in ranked the highest. We also want to congratulate Leboncoin.fr for being the winner for the forth consecutive time. Keep up the good job!

    The Importance of Classifieds Quality in 2016

    2015 marked a bit of a paradigm shift in the world of classifieds, with large players merging, disrupters popping up and verticals expanding worldwide. Competition is growing fiercer, and sites seem to be putting an increased focus on advertising to strenghten their brands. In this context, this content quality index is highly relevant: if sites can’t live up to their ambitious brand promises it risks to backfire.

    What is This Index?

    • We monitored 20 websites worldwide, reviewing 50.000 listings over 3 months in Q4 2015.
    • 5 key categories have been scanned: Cars, Real Estate, Mobile, Jobs and Pets.
    • The sites have been scored and ranked based on the quality of the content.
    • All 20 reports, covering each and everyone of the investigated sites, can be downloaded for free.
    • An overview of the findings, industry trends and areas of improvement.

    How to Read the Classifieds Quality Index

    The intention of this index is to uncover common areas of improvement, and open discussions about quality in moderation so that the industry can develop and grow. As a common ground for quality, we are using Besedo’s 5 layer model for content quality, which we have developed over our 10+ years in the industry.

    It’s however important to keep in mind that every site has, and should have, its own editorial rules and definitions of quality, which varies due to target audiences, objectives, cultural environment and more. Therefore this Index is not a simple comparison of quality between websites but it highlights possible areas of improvement both within companies but also in the industry at large.

    We are listening to the feedback we receive and some parameters have changed since the last index, which should be kept in mind when comparing the index rankings over time.

    Go to the full report and find out how your site ranks in the competition

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