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Introducing a More Efficient and Flexible Manual Moderation Interface


    Getting your users content live fast is becoming ever more important, while ensuring quality content is the competitive edge needed to win the market.

    At Besedo we are constantly working on improving our all-in-one moderation tool Implio for added efficiency without losing moderation accuracy.

    To that end we are now releasing an updated manual moderation interface. We have tested it both internally, with some of our most experienced moderators and externally with highly successful clients to ensure that it is chuck full of usability improvements. Our new manual moderation UI will allow your moderators to make good decisions faster!

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    Let’s have a look at the new features.

    Innocent until Proven Guilty

    It is now possible to make “Approve” the default action, this means moderators only have to click when they want to refuse an item. You will soon be able to enable and disable pre-approval within the UI, but for now you can reach out to your contact person and have it set up for you.

    feedback and approval button screenshot

    A Stop to Redundant Reviews

    With the new interface all revisions of an item are grouped and only the latest version will be entered for moderation. You can of course still access the older versions, but you only have to reject or approve the latest one.

    content moderation progression screenshot

    Direct Edits

    You can now edit items as you review them, directly on the page. Category and item type can be changed through a drop-down menu making re-categorization a lot faster.

    Are We There Yet?

    At the bottom of the new UI we have included a progress bar. This will help moderators keep track of how far they are with their current batch of items and also shows them which decisions they have taken so far.

    moderation progress bar example

    And Even More Efficiency Gaining Features

    On top of the above improvements we have also:

    • Organized content to follow the structure defined in the API
    • Added the option to change the number of items displayed on a page (for now, to change this you will need to reach out to your contact person, but soon there will be an UI enabling you to do it yourself within Implio)

    With all of these new features, moderators should be able to improve their speed significantly and with the more logical info structure and increased data visibility our new UI should prove to be a great quality of life improvement in their day to day work.

    If your needs are mainly towards image moderation and you feel the new UI does not cater to this, fear not. Implio has multiple UI layout templates to choose between. Have a word with your point of contact if you wish to swap the layout.

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