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Besedo & ioSquare Rebrand to Reflect the Commitment to Help Build Trust Online


    Here at Besedo, we’re thrilled to unveil details of the next steps following our recent merger with Paris-based ioSquare, a leader in automated content moderation!

    Our first step is rebranding the new company to ring in the changes. You’ll see our new logo below, and we’ll also be launching our fresh new website – complete with a colorful new look – very soon.

    After much discussion, we’ve decided to keep ‘Besedo’ as our name and extend it to all of ioSquare’s products and services. However, our moderation tool, Implio, will keep its name – for now. But the functionality will evolve as we fold lots of ioSquare’s excellent AI moderation products into the mix. The goal is to create one ultimate tool to tackle all content moderation challenges.

    What won’t change is our commitment to providing customers with a world-class service, one that’s able to realistically meet the challenges of User Generated Content moderation as it evolves from being able to verify static text and images from scrutinizing more sophisticated content like videos, virtual reality, and in-app messaging.

    Grow marketplaces with trust

    We’ve also taken the opportunity to take a good long look at our joint ambitions. Besedo will play a more active role in helping online marketplaces grow and build trust online, and we’ll continue to position ourselves at the heart of the content moderation ecosystem. To achieve this, our automated technology needs to evolve continually. The information fed into ioSquare’s deep learning algorithm — which powers the automation element — by Besedo’s human workforce will help us ensure our cutting-edge machine-learning AI technology reaches new levels of accuracy.

    Trust is also a big part of what we’ll continue to offer: a secure moderation service powered by humans and machines that helps you grow your business through safe and trustworthy user-generated content. We’re focused on the long-term and committed to providing moderation tools, services, and insights that enable a trust-based society online where everyone can engage fearlessly.

    We see our new offering adding value right away. There’s a real opportunity to offer a complete moderation tool that combines all the great things about automation and manual moderation. We know that one size doesn’t fit all and that businesses have varying degrees of moderation needs. Context, speed, and adaptability are key.

    That’s why our solutions are scalable: able to handle big data and real-time analytics; but agile enough to offer cost-effective moderation to startups and smaller businesses that don’t have enough data to run AI moderation.

    Leveraging human expertise and AI

    With the growth of sharing services and the increasing number of online marketplaces, there’s only going to be a rise in user-generated content. Businesses need a trusted partner who can offer a bespoke service that caters to their company’s needs and innately understands the importance of content to their business model. We intend to offer a data-driven, high-quality, and cost-effective solution.
    Ultimately by combining the expertise, talent, and ambition of two companies, we’ve created a strong, market-leading platform that fuses automated machine-learning AI with human-controlled manual moderation and over 15 years of experience within the industry. And that can only be good news for you.

    This is Besedo

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    We provide automated and manual moderation for online marketplaces, online dating, sharing economy, gaming, communities and social media.

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