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How is the classifieds industry changing? here’s a recap of the ICMA conference


    Wow, the ICMA conference at Malta really came and went in a split second. And the initial take away from the conference is clear, the industry is facing game-changing challenges and there is a new future lurking beyond the horizon.

    Throughout the conference one topic continuously resurfaced; across the board, traditional classifieds has started adding services and value to their platforms, as they’re moving towards becoming online marketplaces.

    Blockchain was the theme of this conference and it was made clear that this technology is not yet considered a disrupter in the classifieds and marketplace industry, but more seen as a potential enabler for classifieds to become marketplaces. But in the grand scale of things, it’s not clear how this would work for the large audiences’ classifieds and marketplaces are catering today.

    Voice search is another technology that’s under development and the ability to automatically determine gender, age, urgency and much more, can become a competitive differentiator for those who get this right.

    Besedo at ICMA

    At the conference, we were joined on stage by Jelena Moncilli, Anti-Fraud Specialist at anibis.ch. Together we shared anibis.ch’s incredible journey from 0% to 94% automated moderation.

    Jelena shared insights on the challenges they were facing, why they turned to us at Besedo for support, and ultimately how Automation improved their moderation process and user experience.

    We recorded the entire presentation and it’s available for you to watch here.

    In addition to the presentation, we’ve also created an in-depth case study together with anibis.ch. The case study explores the details of their incredible journey from 0% to 94% automation. By downloading the case study, you get the opportunity to benchmark your current moderation setup and spot areas for improvement.

    Case study - anibis journey from 0% to 94% automation

    Download the case study

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