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A Chat with Paul Hauf Hvattum of Segundamano.mx, on the Future of Automated Moderation


    Automation is an important part of managing big volumes of user-generated content. It decreases the need for manual moderation and allows you to get content published faster while still maintaining a good level of safety. Successful players in the industry have known this for a long time and automation is one of the building blocks for their high quality sites.

    We asked Paul Hauf Hvattum, Director General at Segundamano.mx, to share his thoughts on automated moderation on a classifieds website.

    When and Why Did You Start Automating Moderation at Segundamano.mx?

    In Schibsted at large, as well as at Segundamano.mx, some level of automation has more or less always been a part of the job. It’s a natural evolution. Once you have been moderating manually for a while, you aquire knowledge that can be transformed to a basic form of technology. Knowing the content, analyzing it and having certain parameters help to automatize moderation to some levels. It’s a result of content knowledge.

    What Are, in Your Opinion, the Main Benefits of Using Automation?

    To instantly be able to decide what you would like to do with your content, whether it is sending it for a second review, rejecting it, accepting it or even analyzing the data even more.

    What Other Benefits Can You See from Using Automation?

    Through automation you are able to play with the information and place it in the space required. It is like playing with a puzzle and placing each part where it belongs.

    What Do You See as the Future of Automation?

    Automation tools should be able to build intelligence upon itself. Based on the content that goes through the tool and once the human takes an action on them, the tool should learn and take under consideration this decision to be improved. The success or failure come with the intelligence placed to improve them and the humans who constantly feed them and analyze the information.

    Paul let’s us understand that automation is seen as an integral part of optimizing the process of keeping content clean and relevant for the users at Segundamano.mx, and that machine-learning is the next logical step for them.

    We agree that automation is a must if sites are to deal with the ever increasing volumes of content created and posted by users interacting on the web; wanting to buy and sell, discuss, rate, review or date online.

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