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3 ways site owners can enforce safety with their user generated content


    Sites who operate with user generated content as a business tool have the potential to excel in conversion rates yet work with some unique challenges. Consumers who see user generated content on their purchasing journey have 4.6% higher conversion rates, and consumers who actually interact with UGC have even higher conversion rates, reported as high as 9.6%.

    You want to give your users enough leeway to be able to publish creative content that fulfills the purpose of your site, while balancing the right limitations. As a site owner, this isn’t out of your control. Your users are representing your brand identity and credibility. Yes, you didn’t personally generate these messages, but they’re live (or soon to be) on your site, and as such it is your responsibility to take authoritative action when required.

    Your site and brand story have their own personality, so consider this when allowing users to generate content on your site. Review user’s posts and ask yourself, “Can I stand by this confidently?” Or is it at odds or possibly even harming your brand message?

    Consider the following three best practices when establishing site parameters to keep a tight watch on your brand and overall credibility.

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