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Here are some industry knowledge and insights from our blog. 

What is AI and how can you apply it to optimize your marketplace

AI has arrived! While some marketplaces are already benefiting from the technology, others are researching the right solution. Regardless of which sta...

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Marketplace trends 2019: 8 predictions by industry experts

How does the industry predict marketplace trends 2019? With 2018 is coming to its end, we look ahead towards the new year. Here are 8 marketplace tren...

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how to improve your online marketplace SEO and attract more organic traffic

SEO expert Oliver Winberg gives advice on how to rank in Google and acquire more organic traffic in a webinar about Online marketplace SEO....

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6 Reasons why our moderation AI is unique

AI is everywhere, also in content moderation for online classifieds and marketplaces. But are all AI models created equal? We take a look at what make...

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