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scale your content moderation hassle free!

We ensure the quality and safety of all your content so you can focus on building your product instead.
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We handle 100% of your incoming volumes

You receive scam free and high quality content back within an hour ensuring a smooth and safe user experience for buyers and sellers.

Skip complex processes, recruitment hassle and development costs that diverts focus from your core product. Go with besedo boost, a plug and play solution that handles all your moderation needs.

Simply send your content through our API and let us handle the rest.

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In brief

Quality that
builds user trust
98% moderation
Service window
Setup in
under 2 weeks
Available in
Spanish & English

Actionable insights

Make informed decisions with monthly, in-depth yet easy to read reports

Transparent pricing

We charge €0.06 per piece of content. No extras! No hidden fees! This way you know exactly how much a great user experience will cost.

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