Accurate nudity detection based on your data

Every online dating site and community has different tolerance levels when it comes to nudity. From partial nudity to pornographic content our tech accurately detects and removes only what your site find inappropriate.

Draw the line as it fits your site

Customized nudity detection models

All models are built and based on your datasets. This way you get accurate decisions that fit your unique site and community.
Always-on near-instant image moderation

Protect your users from inappropriate pictures 24/7

Users don't wait for your content moderation team to get to work. With automated nudity detection, you get images online faster reducing the need for manual moderation with as much as 50%

Easy startup

Get started with Besedo's automated nudity detection

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2A solutions designer will reach out
3An AI model will be created based on your data
4When live the AI model detects nudity 24/7 supporting manual efforts

Automate nudity detection with customized image vision

AI-powered and fully customized setup
Updated and maintained models
Fully data compliant
Consistent and fast decisions
10 years of experience detecting nudity
Faster removal of inappropriate pictures

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